Shoebox Songs

by Marion Hebert

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In the midst of heat-break following a two and a half year relationship with his high school sweetheart, Marion struggles to find himself. With this comes an album as raw, child-like, and honest as the emotions he expresses. The straight forward, personal lyrics and untrained childish vocals, accompanied by the raw, simple, and often unrefined instrumentation, come together to make a record that's worth hearing for any fan of indie/folk music. For Marion's first effort, it's unique, to say the least. "Shoebox Songs" hopes to entertain, share, and encourage anyone who loves music to use it as a tool to bring you happiness and closure through pain.


released June 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Marion Hebert Louisiana

Marion Hebert is a young singer/songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana whose first album, "Shoebox Songs" (2017), was his earliest attempt at writing music. Some of his influences are Doug Martsch, Daniel Johnston, Conor Oberst, Isaac Brock, Theo Hilton, Phil Elverum and Bob Dylan to name a few. ... more

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Track Name: In My Dreams
A gift you gave to me, held together wrapped in tape,
a golden picture frame that I broke against the wall.
A box full of our stuff, cause I don't want to forget,
but I'd rather not recall, so I broke it against the wall.
And I stay inside a lot, and I sleep a lot
I don't want to have anything to do
but live in my dreams.
A book you've never read and letters of things I wish I said,
when I had the chance that I don't think I'll ever get again.
A box full of our stuff, that I keep under my bed.
Out of sight and out of mind, when I'm trying and get some rest.
Cause it's not easier to leave, but easier to sleep.
It seems that it's not me in my dreams.
And I stay inside a lot, and I sleep a lot
I don't want to have anything to do
but live in my dreams.
Track Name: A Picture of a Meaningless Conversation
You were heading out to the pavement
outside the bar where you went
just to have a cigarette and I would sit and smoke one too.
Everything you said was new when
I had heard it from you and
I didn't want to think of how I'd heard it all from someone else before
You didn't really know me
we just talked about nothing
late night, Friday, we had nowhere else to be.
And the stars were clearer than they had been in a while
And the night was colder than it had been in a while
And your name was friendly and so was your smile
And your face was pretty, so I stayed a while.
We were sitting out on the pavement
outside the bar where you'd been
trying to find some quite time and trying to get away from the noise.
You said everything gets better
and everything takes time
I didn't seem to care too much that I'd heard that speech from someone else before
Well we had both been drinking
but if it had been different
I wouldn't have spoke with you and had another memory to keep
or had another song to sing
it was nice for the night to just have a friend.
Track Name: Plan B
My cars down the road, no one will know
we won't get caught, at least not with our clothes off.
The bedroom is closed, but I don't know
I snuck in through the window, and I don't feel that safe
I was single again, for the first time in a few years,
I needed a friend, I lost my virginity in the back of my car.
After dark.
Now my bedroom is closed, and I don't suppose
you would know, what to do during a pregnancy scare. I'm not prepared
Track Name: Uncomfortably Mundane
I feel uncomfortably mundane.
All of my outfits look the same.
And my shirt comes off more than you'd expect,
but I don't have the body for that... no I don't have the body for that.
My jacket is falling off
because I got it from the thrift store
and I gave my other one to a girl I didn't know for much more than a month.
And I'm really hard on myself.
I know I'm not that bad,
but I need to counteract
the unusual boost of self confidence and narcissism I get every once and a while.
Makes me unbearable to be around or so I assume
by the look on everyone's face when I get that way.
Track Name: Now (and Then)
I've made some mistakes, I've said and done some things that I wish more than anything that I could take back, I've ruined friendships and really hurt people that I once loved and cared for, although it kills me to know that don't want to hear from me anymore, I really can't blame them for that.
It's been a year since the day that you told me how you didn't want to give me another chance, and just as well as everyone's sick of hearing about it so am I, so let this be the final resting place of all these thoughts about the breakup that I let define me for too damn long.
I feel so turned around. My body is still all right here. I'm happy just to be alive, when so many others aren't and even though they're young sometimes your friends die.
I'm happy to touch the ground and the grass and dirt encompass my hands.
I feel so much better now, although happiness doesn't last forever, you just need to embrace it while it's here.
I'm a little more content now, with who I know I am and who everyone else thinks that I'm not.
I'm a little more content now, cause it's different now, everything is different now, it's different' now, everything is different now
It's different now, then one day everything is gonna change again
and it'll be different then...